Plastic to Glass

Plastic to Glass
Plastic to Glass

Man, ever since hanging with friends, I feel so inspired. It’s such a great feeling hey ❤ so many improvements for change.

So we have a lot of plastic, tubs, containers, bottles…. plastic is actually not good for you, storing food, storing water, wrapping food etc.

If you want to read about why plastics are bad for your health & the planet, you can here;

Over the past few months, I’ve been collecting glass jars from purchased products like juices, oils, spreads, jarred foods. This is so I can use them for drinks or food we make, herbs, preserves, seeds etc.

So now I’ve decided that I’m going to replace the plastic bottles with glass. Store our left overs in glass, I have found a place on eBay that sells a 16pce glass storage containers;

Have to do more research about that product but it would be nice to find a suitable glass solution to replace all the plastic. Has anyone got any suggestions?

It feels good to really focus on health, for me & the family, more so that I ever have.

It’s like with everything through, peeling back the layers. Once you’ve peeled back a layer, you settle for a bit before realising, feeling comfortable & Empowered to peel back more.

It is nice to be drinking water out of a glass bottle now, I feel better about that, not intersted in drinking water with toxic properties in it.

#nomoreplastic #toxicchemicals #unhealthy #progress

Sacred Space

Sacred Space
Sacred Space

Table & chairs I made for the valley Vibes gathering 🙂

Made from leftover timber milled & used for our verandah! Didn’t want it to go to waist so upcycled it for a special occasion of tribes (ii)

Worked well, just need to move it now to the sacred space where all the lovely energies were made, manifested & vibrated from.

Look forward to future usage & to find some suitable legs for the tops, hopefully find a thick fallen tree, perfect legs.

#homemade #handmade #diy #upcycle #recycle #timber #native #local #bush #furniture

Trick or Treat on Easter

Trick or Treat on Easter
Trick or Treat on Easter

Hahaha!!! Adorable right?

We had an early Easter egg hunt during the Valley Vibes gathering, so naturally, lol, our girl wanted to have trick or treat on Easter Day.

I said, who are we going to visit? No one else knows it’s halloween as that event is generally held in October. She said “we’ll go visit the trees, they’ll be our neighbours. I said, “what will we use for candy”? She said, “we can pick the flower for candy”!

Aww!!! Heart melt, how creative & gorgeous xxx so off we went, trick or treating around the property, visiting trees & collecting flowers.

We foraged dandelions 🙂 you can eat dandelions, they’re good for so many things, tinea, wounds, digestion.

Love this format of Halloween, such a beautiful experience shared with the babes xx

#naturallifelearners #unschoolers #naturalmedicine #bush #creative #healthy

Fermenting & Kombutcha

Fermenting & Kombutcha
Fermenting & Kombutcha

Yeah man! Feeling so pumped after watching some YouTube videos about how to ferment food & make your own kombutcha!!!

Feeling so inspired! A good way to get some healthy fizzy flavoured drinks into our babes that are good for you!!!

Ever since moving to the land, it’s amazing to see how much our food preferences have changed & the babes choice to! So I know they’d love it!

Watched a video on how to flavour the kombutcha with a second fermentation, which means it also gets fizzier! Woot!

I remember my mum making it when I was it a kid! Smelt terrible, looked terrible! Lol! But I’ll give it a go now, because you know, with all things you need to arrive at it yourself! Bwahahaha! Anyways!

So can’t wait to get some black tea & get started! Our dear friends from Adelaide gave us a Scooby & keffir grains last year so just have to check it over, make sure it has no mould. If it’s unusable I can always get one locally!

Have all the tools & ingredients I need to ferment. Going to start with pumpkin & onion first. Something easy.

Will post end products! Woot! So excited!!!

#organic #kombutcha #keffirgrains #fermented #food

Getting my witchy on!

Getting my witchy on!
Getting my witchy on!

Ah!!! I’ve missed my oils, it’s been nice to reconnect with them, lol!

You know how you go through periods of disconnect. Yeah well, that’s where I’m at, it’s been nice to feel inspired by them again! I love burning oils, the smell, the feel, the vibe, plus also the benefits to certain circumstances or situations you use them for.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit strung out, lots of things going on right now, lots of change, highs, lows. Feelings of struggle & exhaustion. As well as moments of feeling so high on life & wanting it all now.

Anyways, everyday I’ve been burning a new blend, mainly I just follow my intuition about what oils I burn. There does seem to be a pattern in my choices, first it was sage & lavender, this blend was like a cleanse. Burn out the negative & replace with positive. Usually this is the herbs we use when smudging.

Next day it was more uplifting, patchouli, ylang ylang, frankensense, with some lavender, sage & a touch of peppermint. This was to help more positive emotions flow on from removing the heaviness from the previous day.

The following day I felt like there needed to be some zest, some motivation, inspiration & excitement so I chose lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, peppermint & lavender. So uplifting, I love my citrus blends.

As well as using the oils to help regulate & ignite my emotions, we are heading into the colder months of the year so I’ve also been burning a lot of thyme & clove to help the immune system fight off bugs, plus some protective blend on the souls of feet.

I do enjoy getting my witchy on, (as my hubby calls it, lol) I feel empowered that it’s something I can do to help myself & family. I look forward to when I can start distilling my own oils. We have so many native trees & herbs I can practice with on our property, plus in spring water to, all completely chemical free. Very pure, the way nature intended.

It’s so exciting & feel so meaningful to me to embrace my connection to country & to be able to use it to benefit mine & my families mental & emotional wellbeing. I feel empowered mastering my environment & respecting its power.

Makes my heart sing xx

Raw Vegan Chocolate

Raw Vegan Chocolate
Raw Vegan Chocolate

Oh my nom nom nom!!! 

I love that with ingredients at home, you can just whip up something sweet! We live like, so far away from a shop, haha! It’s nice to be able to make things for yourself when your heart, & errr…. stomach desires! 

So….. here is a basic chocolate recipe you can make without making a mad dash to the shop to cure the craving! 

1 cup cacao powder

1 cup coconut oil

1 cup honey/ avgar nectar

Stir, out in little cupcake holder & out in fridge. Easy peasy man! 

Next time I think I might do cacao, coconut oil, coconut syrup or maple syrup. Maybe a drop of peppermint oil or orange. Hmmmm, who knows where my taste buds might take me next time on my raw vegan chocolate Journey! Lol!

Navigating our way around the bush fire

Navigating our way around the bush fire
Navigating our way around the bush fire

So over 2 week ago? There was a big bush fire in our area. The weather notified the day before fires to be catastrophic. We were particularly alert about this, as we were currently going through a heat wave. Temperatures up in the mid 40’s, vey strong hot dry winds. On the day of the fire, the energy was intense! It was powerful!

I remember sitting in the house & feeling the wind smashing into the walls. I could see the trees being blown around, I could hear the air coming through the cracks in the windows.

I felt anxious being inside, distracted by walls & devices. Often, I ventured outdoors to feel the vibe, connect with the energy. I felt safer being outdoors, I could feel what was going on, I could smell the air, I could hear the sound the wind was carrying.

The only things was our youngest son sensed the energy too, he wasn’t feeling safe me being outside & constantly seeking me to be indoors with everyone else.

Hubby & I kept checking the fires app, to make sure we had our fingers on the pulse. I said to Chris that morning, I have a feeling something bad is going to happen & your going to tell me what it is.

Anyhow, within seconds of me updating my app & putting the device down, Chris said, shit, there is a fire up top of the valley, it’s out of control.

We did not hesitate to get the fuck out, we collected our babes, the animals, clothes & the few important things we were working on.

We drove around the valley & notified the residents that were still about. We drove up the top, we would of been ok to stay, but with young children, getting everyone to safety was our priority.

Seeing the fire burning in the tree tops & the helicopters working hard to put it out, the intensity of the wind that day, there was no stopping it. Not instantly anyways.

We drove around for a bit, decided we would go to a the drip for a swim to wait out the day. The road was closed, so we decided to go to another swimming hole. Road closed. At that point we were just driving around, wondering what to do. We only had a rockmelon, bottle of water. No money, no credit on my phone & didn’t know if we would be sleeping in our own beds that night.

We decided we would go to another swimming hole with natural water, & heaps of bush tucker. That way, we would be safe, food & water wise. We would just sleep in the car. But it was getting late & that place was 2 hours away! We also considered going to our friends, the same distance away, but with no way of communicating, we thought it not an option.

Once we drove out of our area, we learnt we’d be evacuated, so we couldn’t go back in. Plus we didn’t want to sleep with our eyes open if we went home. We went to the local pub where the valley residents were all perched. The kids weren’t in the right space to be in that environment, neither were we. We felt lost & stranded.

We drove into Mudgee, spent our last $8 on a phone call to hubbies mum & food for the kids. Mil lent is some cash to put credit on my phone, after an hour fucking around with trying to recharge my phone, we managed & realised people had been contacting us, checking to see if we were alright!

I did a blanket announcement & we decided we would head to the community hall for the night. It wasn’t ideal, but we had no other options.

Our friends, who used to live near us, contacted to see if we were ok! I told her the situation & they offered we stay at their place the night. We didn’t hesitate.

They too were homing another family who had been evacuated by another fire in the area, an even bigger one. So 6 parents, 9 kids, turned into a slumber party for the children & a support network for the adults.

It was awesome! We felt as safe as we could feel. Being with people we knew, the kids were having a great time. The next day was much of the same. We were so thankful for our friends!

The fire downgraded & was being controled that night, we thought we’d try our chances getting home. The road was still blocked off but they were letting residents through. We were home! The house was crazy, but it was nice to be home & sleep in our own beds. However, it did feel somewhat unsettling, as our fortune was others misfortune.

The experience made it clear to us, that we need to manage the fuel better on our property & learn to how to safely backburn throughout the year. Plus to also be prepared & have community. 

In future, we too will be able to help the community out by volunteering, whether that’s helping with the fires or feeding the crew. But for now, we’ll make sure our property is set up to deal with this time of year better & to make sure we as a family are properly set up.

Next time we’ll have the van ready the day before & just head to a friends property. Crazy man!!! What an experience!

So thankful for the community & all involved in fighting fires & feeding the fire fighters & our mates during that time. Plus the residents who stayed on the valley & put our power back on so we didn’t loose 2 weeks worth of shopping :-/

It took awhile to come down from the experience. It was displacing. We particularly felt for the families who had lost their homes. The country community is very amazing, the support given & shown & the amount of stuff donated to the people who lost everything to help them rebuild was remarkable.

It’s so wonderfully amazing when humans come together to help & support one another during these times. No one is left without.

We found out what started the fire, a powerline! Another reason to be off-grid! No human lives were lost.

Lesson learnt! Be fire safe & fire smart! A house can be rebuilt & objects can be replaced. Lives can’t!

Thanks to everyone involved  xx

Red Bellied Black

Red Bellied Black
Red Bellied Black

When we first moved out to the bush, I was petrified of snakes. I was all up on the societal fear mongering hype that snakes are dangerous, they’ll kill you, they’re aggressive, it effected me & my perception of snakes.

What I’ve learnt so far, from observation, is that they generally just want to get out of your way. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t be cautious of them, you most absolutely should. All I’m saying is, what I’ve noticed is, if you stay out of their way, they’ll stay out of yours.

Disposition and behaviour

Psuedechis porphyriacus is generally not an aggressive species. However, when provoked, it will recoil into its striking stance as a threat, but will try to escape at the first opportunity. It is most active by day. When not hunting or basking it may be found beneath timber, rocks and rubbish or down holes and burrows.

Now I’m no snake expert, I’am just communicating my observations of the red belied black. We’ve had so many close encounters with the red bellied, they seem quiet placid.

The best approach we use when were cruising around the property in snake season is to stomp your feet, so they can feel the vibrations in the ground, this way they know you’re coming & can move away. Also, if you’re walking though the long grass, have a stick with you, bang it on the ground or just shake it in the bushes.

I’m under no illusion that snakes are not harmful, they are, just don’t piss them off!.


The venom of red-bellied black snake consists of neurotoxins, mycotoxins, coagulants and also has haemolytic properties. Bites from red-bellied black snake are rarely life-threatening due to the snake usually choosing to inject little venom toxin, but are still in need of immediate medical attention. Tiger snake antivenom is used to treat bites

My daughter & I were less then half a meter away from one the other day, she was showing it to me after she alerted me to it. We approached gently, it was just sitting there looking at us. We moved back & from a distance, watched.

Our son was a meter away from one the other month, the only way we knew this was our dog alerted us to it! They have no interest in us. Our son didn’t know it was there, I’m sure if he did, the outcome may have been different.

When the creek was flowing, we always used to see one perched on the sidelines, catching frogs, basking in the sun! Would always move away if it felt we were too close.

Distribution and habitat

The red-bellied black snake is native to the east coast of Australia. It can be found in the urban forest, woodland, plains and bushland areas of the Blue Mountains, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns and Adelaide. It is most commonly seen close to dams, streams, billabongs and other bodies of water.

Remarkable creatures. Don’t be scared of them, just know them, know where they hang, always be with your children, practice snake safety, show your children, friends & family snake safety, educate yourself on snake bite first aid, if there ever is a biting instance.

Snake Bite First Aid

Remove the fear!

Kitty kitty

Kitty kitty


Well hello there puss puss!!!

See her blinging collar? It’s so she can’t catch any wildlife! Pretty cool ha!

Got the idea from hubby, we wanted a cat but wanted the wildlife as well. They sell colourful collars, which look like frilled neck lizards, haha, but I wanted to save the $ & make our own #upcycle #recycle #reuse.

Our darling daughter donated her barbie tutu for the greater good, I just sewed some sequins on it, to give it the extra sparkle from the suns reflection to warn the wildlife!

So far, so good! I can’t wait to make more! I’m thinking, fluro colours next, something that looks unnatural in a natural environment! Woot! Maybe some glitter spray as well ???

Get on if peeps, #savenaturescreatures

feeling creative.

First steps into making clothes

First steps into making clothes
So! Feeling pretty proud of myself today!!! Made my girl her dolly a pair of shorts!!! I know what you may all be thinking, what’s the big deal!!!

Well to me it’s a big deal! I want to be able to make my own clothes & whatever the babes want me to as well.

I’ve always put it off as I have anxiety around getting my fashion on. Like it has to be perfect straight up! Well, that’s bullshit & I need to come to reality & realise I have to start somewhere!

So here it is…. a pair of shorts
Hand stiched, elastic waist, button sides!

Look out Vera Wang!!!! ? (Not really)

You’re probably thinking “there gammon brus, I could do better”, haha! Well, I have no doubt you could!

This is the best I could do while looking after 3 small babes!!!

But, its the beginning of working through my anxiety & getting my passion for fashion on!

feeling excited.