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Don’t let fear stop you making your dreams your reality!

Don’t let fear stop you making your dreams your reality!
Don’t let fear stop you making your dreams your reality!

You know the hardest thing is about living outside the societal template!

Everything!!! It’s hard at first, because it’s not what you’ve always known.

Operating from outside the template society provides you to succeed in is a, learn as you go process.

It’s like being a first time parent, but with every aspect of your life.

So much change, so much growth. Personal, physical, mental, emotional & financial.

It gets exhausting, it’s frustrating at times! But you have to believe in yourself! Because you’re living your dreams & you’re now living a life that’s inline with your beliefs & values.

When you feel like you’ve had enough, don’t give up, keep moving forward in the direction you want your life to head in.

It has its moments, there is no direct path, it’s like following the yellow brick road, with stop starts along the way.

We’ve been on the land living self sufficiently for four years now. The two year mark was the make or break!

Learning how to manage your own power & water, grow your own food, build your own business. You are doing it all yourself!

There is no one telling you what to do, no template on whether it’s going to work or not. You have to rely on your instincts, you have to make it work!

It’s all starting new. You don’t just walk into a home where power & water is provided for you. You don’t just walk into a job where it’s all mapped out for you. You don’t just walk into the supermarket where the food is provided for you.

There is a lot of trial & error. There is a lot of hardship. But you know what makes it all worth it!

When you look around & your senses are going off like fireworks because the view of nature is so magical & inspiring.

When the air you’re breathing is provided to you by the hundreds of trees that are surrounding you!

When the water you’re drinking is so fresh & clean direct from the spring or the rainwater you’ve collected in your tanks.

When you see your children free & happy perusing their hearts desires daily while having both parents available.

The sense of security & wonder you see in their eyes & the cheeky smiles on their faces everyday!

When you wake to the sound of thousands of birds, the breeze through the leaves, on your skin, the dirt between your toes & witnessing the wild animals foraging throughout the day.

You realise you are free, you’re in control of your world, what you’ll achieve in your day.

You’re not bound by schedules, routines, expectations of others, deadlines.

All this makes it worth it! Because they’re you’re dreams, your desires, your passions. You’re working on making them a reality!

And when your lifestyles & passions are within alignment, the universe will provide.

Live the life you want to live! Don’t sit around waiting for someone outside of you to provide it for you.

If you’re sitting there wanting something different in your life, but you’re held back by the fear & anxiety, push past it. There is nothing to be scared of!

Sure, we all receive judgement & rejection in our lives, about us as individuals, parents, lifestyle choices.

Don’t let what others think or their opinions of what you want for yourself to hold you back in life.

Look to please yourself, not others. They don’t pay your bills, raise your children, grow your food ect!

Don’t avoid rejection & judgement of what you want to please others. Because that’s setting yourself up to fail!

It’s a worse place to sit in the fear, then it is to actually do it! The worst thing in life is to always be wondering ‘what if’!

Don’t live in a place of fear, fear doesn’t serve you.

Always look for ways to achieve your hearts desires.

You might loose some people along the way. But maybe that’s just a blessing because you’ve changed, you want different things, so now you’ll be aligned with others who are accepting, encouraging & supportive of you, your lifestyle & your endeavours.

These people will help you rise & lift you up! These are the people who are the beginning of your community!

Yeah sure, we still have a long way to go, but we’re making it happen, we’re getting into everyday.

But how we see it is, we’re pretty rich in life, love, family, friendships, lifestyle & business endevours. Its all worth it!

It’s like having a mortgage, its a huge risk, massive cost upfront, its more expensive then renting, at first, but overtime, the repayments get smaller, while the rents get higher!

The difference is, you now have something, rather than nothing.

This is the same analogy.

I know we’ll achieve everything we want, we can achieve everything because we already have, we are everything!

We’ve always had the power & so do you!!! Make your dreams your reality! You won’t regret it! We certainly don’t!

Sending peace & love from the valley xx

Animal Kingdom Totems – Parrot

Animal Kingdom Totems – Parrot
Animal Kingdom Totems – Parrot

Something really beautiful & amazing happened to me the other day 💚 it felt like a significant moment in time!

My babies & I went to venture out for a walk. Within a few meters a felt a bird swoop down, gliding past my head, just missing it, before he landed on the tree we were standing next to.

It was amazing on the fact, where the bird landed was literally a meter or less away from us, looking at us, at eye level! Usually you can’t get to close before they fly away.

Anyhow….. the bird was a beautiful red & green King Parrot, a male, as the females are green and red.

He was looking at me, chatting away, I was a little nervous, given his decend decline near my head. Plus the sharp toes nails & pointy beak. That was fear, I kept shaking the insecure feelings off to fully embrace the moment.

He hopped to another branch that was closer to me. The babes were excited & kept walking up to him, touching his tail. I was pretty amazed at this was not ‘normal’ behaviour, well, not behaviour I’ve ever experienced.

He was talking to me, looking me in the eye, talking to me. It was beautiful but also freaking me out. I kept saying to myself, trust yourself, trust nature. We thought he could smell the sunflower seeds on me from my recent snack?

We offered him some, seemed interested but looked like that’s not what he was there for! Anyway, feeling somewhat confused, I put my hand out to see if he wanted to jump on it. I was getting the vibes like he wanted to sit on my shoulder or something.

But no, just kept watching me. He kept closer, onto a more flimsy branch now that kept bowing every time he moved forward. Looking at me, talking to me! Man, I really wish I know what he was saying! He was literally 1/4 metre away from me by this point!

Anyhow, he eventually flew away. I was amazed, dazed & slightly confused by my friendly visit.

It was beautiful & significant!

I looked up the spirit animal totem for King Parrots. I can across a meaning for Parrots in general.

The meaning said;

When a parrot swoops into your life, the parrot is asking you to stay alert. New ideas which can bring about new growth or a new direction is imminent for you. Pay attention to the signs and omens around you. Perhaps its the perfect time to go after the dreams you once thought were out of reach.

Alternatively, this bird maybe asking you to learn new language skills. Perhaps self talk has been more negative than positive of late. Take the time to become more aware of what you are saying to yourself.

Well, these are all fantastic things to hear 💚 I’ll embrace your grace dear parrot xx

Does anyone else know if there is other meanings of a parrot swooping into your life?

Changes within

Changes within
Changes within

It’s such an interesting thing how your mind changes when you change your environment!

Today I’am struggling! I’m exhausted, every aspect of being is soo exhausted!

Previously during times of feeling like this, I would fantasise about slipping into an alternate universe where I could spend my day horizontal on the couch, watching shows, playing games, napping, eating, basically a lot of pleasure seeking recuperative behaviours to match how I was feeling.

However, these days when I feel like slipping into self preservation mode, I want to have a warm bath, be outdoors, meditating & doing yoga, as well as chilling on the couch reading a good book & eating good food.

Although the later is still appealing to me, I’m changing, my environment is changing me, & I’m loving the new changes, new ways to dealing with the struggle, finding new ways of coping & recuperating.

Letting my environment change me & allowing myself that change has made me feel more fulfilled & as if now, my purpose is meaningful, like quality time, not quantity.

Peace & Love ✌?❤️

Remineralising Toothpaste

Remineralising Toothpaste
Remineralising Toothpaste

Made some toothpaste yesterday, I enjoy this type of concoction, my teeth & gums feel so cleansed after the care treatment. Plus it’s a lot gentler on my oral health.

I found this recpie on the internet;

Egg shells, boiled & crushed; bi-carb soda; coconut oil, Himalayan salt, clove, tea tree & peppermint oil. 

I can’t say yet whether it’s helping my teeth remineralise but my general mouth & tooth health feel a lot better after a good brush. 

Colgate was too harsh on our gums, so we used Macleans instead. When I started looking more into the ingredients used, I decided to start purchasing herbal toothpaste. That stuff was good, well better than previous options. 

I much prefer these days to make my own, it’s more convenient, cost effective & I know what goes into the paste, plus I can tailor it to suit everyones individuals needs. 

What does everyone else use? We’re always looking to improve & try new things, (so long as it’s all natural ingredients) 😉 

Peace, Love & Happiness ✌?❤️?

Got gout!! 

Got gout!! 
Got gout!! 

Wtf!!! I know right! I’m sad…. I’ve never had gout before in my life…. 

Well, all I can say is that, I think the shop brought ginger kombutcha may have contributed to it. Now I’m not saying don’t drink the stuff. I’m just saying it’s surfaced an alignment that I didn’t know was there. Makes sense though, as the foot I’m experiencing gout issues with is the foot that was injured in the car accident 13 years ago. 

I’ve had issues with my ankle over the years, apparently the hairline fracture created a spur which my tendents & nerves get constantly caught on causing my ankle to experience like lock jaw! Lol, seriously can’t walk on it, have to sit there & try do the high heel arch to get the ligaments to untangle themselves from the bone. Argh, anyhow, I’ve mastered it & can resolve in no time. 

So back to the gout, its sore, thought I had been bitten by a spider or some shit, in my sleep, as I woke with my foot pad tender & swollen. Noticed my middle toe was swollen to & upon examination, appeared to be coming from the base. I was totally freaking out!!! Thinking well, it’s been sore for like, 24 hours now, if it were a bit from a redbak, I would be sick & there would be evidence. So I massaged the area, worst thing ever to do, swear I just spread the acid around my foot which made the pain excruciating. 

Gout popped into my head, fuck knows why, just did, I think partly because hubbies mums partner experiences it, so just thought I’d look it up & do some research. Sure enough, sounds like gout! My emotions & foot were soo hurt, here I was thinking I was like on this massive health kick with the fermented drink, but turns out it gave me issues. 

I read on some forums & people reported they experience gout after trauma to the area, well, tick, I had too. Someone else had experienced gout after a diet change after drinking kombucha. After chatting to my girlfriends, my dear friend did say that drinking the ferment has probably surfaced an issue that was already there. Makes sense. Total sense.

Sooo… my question is….. should I keep drinking kombucha? What do you all think, anyone who has experience with drinking the ferment & alignments I’d love to hear from you. 

Kombucha creates the same acid as gout creates, so the link is strong. The only issue I have is the internet say you shouldn’t drink alcohol or sugar when having gout issues. Kombucha is both of those things, in a sense.

To naturally help my issue & relieve the pain & tension. I’ve made an oil blend, frankensence, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, tea tree oil. I’m also drinking ginger & lemon tea. Both seems to be helping! Which is awesome!!! I’m all over this shit, I have plans this weekend, don’t want my mates to be pushing me around in the wheelbarrow! Although, that would be an awesome laugh! 

So is there anything else I can do! And should I continue to drink kombucha? Hubby brought home another shop bought blend for me…. to drink, or not to drink, that is the question. Lol. 

P.s: Also, planning to make homemade kombucha, just wanted to try it out first to see if I liked the tatse, which I do…. so would be a total bummer if I have to just, let it go! Lol ya know! 

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Chia seed pudding!!!

Chia seed pudding!!!
Chia seed pudding!!!

Well well well I have never tried chia seed pudding, I must say, I’m a fan gal! Lol 

I’ve always been interested but it’s just never been on my radar, maybe I just wasn’t ready for it, lol! But for reals, it’s quiet tasty…. we’ve been buying chia seeds for awhile now, I always put them in cakes or snack balls, never tried it in a drink or anything else. So I thought, now is the time to elaborate & expand my tastebud horizons, lol! 

Anyhow, I got an upcyled glass honey jar & poured about half a cup of chia seeds in the jar, a can of coconut milk, some agave nectar, cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla essence. Put it in the fridge to set overnight. Mornings breakfast made, easy as man, especially with three babes running around making orders in the kitchen at cafe home! 

I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t too sweet, I’m more of a savoury kinda gal, and it was filling, didn’t upset my tummy, no embarrassing gas smells following me around the home, lol! True as though. 

The next day I had it with banana & date’s. 

I highly recommend giving it a go when you’re feeling like trying something new. Just take the plunge if you already have all the ingredients, or consider buying them on your next shop. I just got that recipe off the Internet, was the first one to come up. I personally will try tweek it to suit my tastebuds preferences overtime, when I use it more & start to build confidence in the area. But yeah man! All over it! 

Maybe next time I’ll add some unhulled tahini or some shit! Fuck knows. All I know is it was yum, it was quick, it was easy, it didn’t make me have a smelly ass & its realitvly healthy. Haha! 

Peace xx

Coffee and Oils

Coffee and Oils
Coffee and Oils


Continuing on my journey into feeling inspired by hanging with tribal peeps, I’m delving into external self care ❤

Here I’ve made a facial scrub, and it feels soooo good!!! I have used three main ingredients, all natural, all chemical free (organic).


Coconut oil, used coffee grounds, Tea Tree oil, Frankenscents oil & Lavendar oil!

I initially used 4 table spoons of coconut oil, 6 table spoons of coffee grounds, 4 drops each of each essential oil. Obviously I’ve pumped up the dosage to fit this massive jar.

I used those three oils as those and others are good for skin repair & care. Do some research on what oils would work best for you & your skin.

Man, it feels soo good, plus I smell like coffee!!! Mmmm…….

I used to spend soo much money on body scrubs, moisturisers that left me & my body feeling nowhere near as good as this coffee scrub does!!! Plus that other shit full of chemicals ruins your skin overtime.

Save yourself some dollars, save yourself from harmful chemicals, use natural and do it yourself, make your own ✊?❤✌?

*note; I’m not selling or promoting EarthYard Essential oils, they are a brand that I personally use, along with others ?

#organic #sprayfree #chemicalfree #diy #facialscrub #bodyscrub #coffee #fairtrade #essentialoils #coconutoil #madewithlove



Another blend I’ve been using for moisturising my body.

Do it yourself self care products are the best. You make and know where the products have come from and what it’s made out of.

This is a body moisturiser;

DoTerras Slim & Sassy & Grapefruit oil with coconut oil.

Easy peasy! I used these oils as it promotes skin elasticity, reduces cellulite appearance & it smells citrusy fresh!

#diy #soeasy #safe #toxicfree #chemicalfree #organic #natural #plantbased

*note: I’m not selling DoTerra products or promoting them, it’s just one of the oil brands I use.

Burn baby burn

Burn baby burn
Burn baby burn

Wood cutting, splitting, burning & storage. Such a big job, so much time, effort & energy is put into this task.

It’s nice when the babes want to help, picking up the wood & putting it in the burrow for transport.

We haven’t cut down a tree since being here. We don’t want to, we prefer to forage from the trees that have already fallen. Feels better this way, like Mother Nature is providing us with an opportunity to meet our needs without killing our oxygen source.

We feel bad that some little critters have most likely set up home in these fallen trees but there are plenty more around they can set up home in.

So this year, we’re being proactive, getting a stockpile ready. For the past few years it’s been reactive as new baby & all the other things that catch up with you. So now, we’re all currently standing on the back of the ute watching hubby get into it.

Would be nice if you were in a community & the men could use a hand saw, one each side. Would be peaceful, team work & you wouldn’t have the noise of the chainsaw & the smell of petrol.

But anyways, I love the cold! Winter is coming! Lol!

Saving Seeds

Saving Seeds
Saving Seeds

Eek! So excited! This is something I’ve wanted to do for soo long!!  Finally feeling inspired & now have the tools to do it! Lol!

So my last post I was talking about saving glass jars from purchased products, I mean why not, your paying for the container anyway, plus it reduces the amout of recycling because you’re upcycling 🙂

Anyhow, this is my collection, so far!!!

I have date seeds, kalamata olive seeds & mungbean seeds (these ones are a gift from our valley neighbours)

So yeah man! Grab those recycled glass jars & upcycle them into seed storage containers & grow your own food! Share the seeds with your family & friends so they too can grow their own food!

Save your seeds from your fruit & veg produce you bought your from the shops to grow your own food! Why not? It doesn’t cost anything, free food, you know where it’s been, who’s handled it & its fresh when you eat it! Nom nom!

Save your Seeds! Grow your own food!

Haha! Peace man!

#organic #seeds #growyourownfood #saveyourseeds #saveglassjars

Note: my friend told me to be aware that some glass jars are made using lead so the glass can be made thinner, argh! 😉 high quality stainless steel, thick glass, wood and clay are also awesome options x