Don’t let fear stop you making your dreams your reality!

Don’t let fear stop you making your dreams your reality!
Don’t let fear stop you making your dreams your reality!

You know the hardest thing is about living outside the societal template!

Everything!!! It’s hard at first, because it’s not what you’ve always known.

Operating from outside the template society provides you to succeed in is a, learn as you go process.

It’s like being a first time parent, but with every aspect of your life.

So much change, so much growth. Personal, physical, mental, emotional & financial.

It gets exhausting, it’s frustrating at times! But you have to believe in yourself! Because you’re living your dreams & you’re now living a life that’s inline with your beliefs & values.

When you feel like you’ve had enough, don’t give up, keep moving forward in the direction you want your life to head in.

It has its moments, there is no direct path, it’s like following the yellow brick road, with stop starts along the way.

We’ve been on the land living self sufficiently for four years now. The two year mark was the make or break!

Learning how to manage your own power & water, grow your own food, build your own business. You are doing it all yourself!

There is no one telling you what to do, no template on whether it’s going to work or not. You have to rely on your instincts, you have to make it work!

It’s all starting new. You don’t just walk into a home where power & water is provided for you. You don’t just walk into a job where it’s all mapped out for you. You don’t just walk into the supermarket where the food is provided for you.

There is a lot of trial & error. There is a lot of hardship. But you know what makes it all worth it!

When you look around & your senses are going off like fireworks because the view of nature is so magical & inspiring.

When the air you’re breathing is provided to you by the hundreds of trees that are surrounding you!

When the water you’re drinking is so fresh & clean direct from the spring or the rainwater you’ve collected in your tanks.

When you see your children free & happy perusing their hearts desires daily while having both parents available.

The sense of security & wonder you see in their eyes & the cheeky smiles on their faces everyday!

When you wake to the sound of thousands of birds, the breeze through the leaves, on your skin, the dirt between your toes & witnessing the wild animals foraging throughout the day.

You realise you are free, you’re in control of your world, what you’ll achieve in your day.

You’re not bound by schedules, routines, expectations of others, deadlines.

All this makes it worth it! Because they’re you’re dreams, your desires, your passions. You’re working on making them a reality!

And when your lifestyles & passions are within alignment, the universe will provide.

Live the life you want to live! Don’t sit around waiting for someone outside of you to provide it for you.

If you’re sitting there wanting something different in your life, but you’re held back by the fear & anxiety, push past it. There is nothing to be scared of!

Sure, we all receive judgement & rejection in our lives, about us as individuals, parents, lifestyle choices.

Don’t let what others think or their opinions of what you want for yourself to hold you back in life.

Look to please yourself, not others. They don’t pay your bills, raise your children, grow your food ect!

Don’t avoid rejection & judgement of what you want to please others. Because that’s setting yourself up to fail!

It’s a worse place to sit in the fear, then it is to actually do it! The worst thing in life is to always be wondering ‘what if’!

Don’t live in a place of fear, fear doesn’t serve you.

Always look for ways to achieve your hearts desires.

You might loose some people along the way. But maybe that’s just a blessing because you’ve changed, you want different things, so now you’ll be aligned with others who are accepting, encouraging & supportive of you, your lifestyle & your endeavours.

These people will help you rise & lift you up! These are the people who are the beginning of your community!

Yeah sure, we still have a long way to go, but we’re making it happen, we’re getting into everyday.

But how we see it is, we’re pretty rich in life, love, family, friendships, lifestyle & business endevours. Its all worth it!

It’s like having a mortgage, its a huge risk, massive cost upfront, its more expensive then renting, at first, but overtime, the repayments get smaller, while the rents get higher!

The difference is, you now have something, rather than nothing.

This is the same analogy.

I know we’ll achieve everything we want, we can achieve everything because we already have, we are everything!

We’ve always had the power & so do you!!! Make your dreams your reality! You won’t regret it! We certainly don’t!

Sending peace & love from the valley xx

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