Animal Kingdom Totems – Parrot

Animal Kingdom Totems – Parrot
Animal Kingdom Totems – Parrot

Something really beautiful & amazing happened to me the other day 💚 it felt like a significant moment in time!

My babies & I went to venture out for a walk. Within a few meters a felt a bird swoop down, gliding past my head, just missing it, before he landed on the tree we were standing next to.

It was amazing on the fact, where the bird landed was literally a meter or less away from us, looking at us, at eye level! Usually you can’t get to close before they fly away.

Anyhow….. the bird was a beautiful red & green King Parrot, a male, as the females are green and red.

He was looking at me, chatting away, I was a little nervous, given his decend decline near my head. Plus the sharp toes nails & pointy beak. That was fear, I kept shaking the insecure feelings off to fully embrace the moment.

He hopped to another branch that was closer to me. The babes were excited & kept walking up to him, touching his tail. I was pretty amazed at this was not ‘normal’ behaviour, well, not behaviour I’ve ever experienced.

He was talking to me, looking me in the eye, talking to me. It was beautiful but also freaking me out. I kept saying to myself, trust yourself, trust nature. We thought he could smell the sunflower seeds on me from my recent snack?

We offered him some, seemed interested but looked like that’s not what he was there for! Anyway, feeling somewhat confused, I put my hand out to see if he wanted to jump on it. I was getting the vibes like he wanted to sit on my shoulder or something.

But no, just kept watching me. He kept closer, onto a more flimsy branch now that kept bowing every time he moved forward. Looking at me, talking to me! Man, I really wish I know what he was saying! He was literally 1/4 metre away from me by this point!

Anyhow, he eventually flew away. I was amazed, dazed & slightly confused by my friendly visit.

It was beautiful & significant!

I looked up the spirit animal totem for King Parrots. I can across a meaning for Parrots in general.

The meaning said;

When a parrot swoops into your life, the parrot is asking you to stay alert. New ideas which can bring about new growth or a new direction is imminent for you. Pay attention to the signs and omens around you. Perhaps its the perfect time to go after the dreams you once thought were out of reach.

Alternatively, this bird maybe asking you to learn new language skills. Perhaps self talk has been more negative than positive of late. Take the time to become more aware of what you are saying to yourself.

Well, these are all fantastic things to hear 💚 I’ll embrace your grace dear parrot xx

Does anyone else know if there is other meanings of a parrot swooping into your life?

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