Changes within

Changes within
Changes within

It’s such an interesting thing how your mind changes when you change your environment!

Today I’am struggling! I’m exhausted, every aspect of being is soo exhausted!

Previously during times of feeling like this, I would fantasise about slipping into an alternate universe where I could spend my day horizontal on the couch, watching shows, playing games, napping, eating, basically a lot of pleasure seeking recuperative behaviours to match how I was feeling.

However, these days when I feel like slipping into self preservation mode, I want to have a warm bath, be outdoors, meditating & doing yoga, as well as chilling on the couch reading a good book & eating good food.

Although the later is still appealing to me, I’m changing, my environment is changing me, & I’m loving the new changes, new ways to dealing with the struggle, finding new ways of coping & recuperating.

Letting my environment change me & allowing myself that change has made me feel more fulfilled & as if now, my purpose is meaningful, like quality time, not quantity.

Peace & Love ✌?❤️

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