Got gout!! 

Got gout!! 
Got gout!! 

Wtf!!! I know right! I’m sad…. I’ve never had gout before in my life…. 

Well, all I can say is that, I think the shop brought ginger kombutcha may have contributed to it. Now I’m not saying don’t drink the stuff. I’m just saying it’s surfaced an alignment that I didn’t know was there. Makes sense though, as the foot I’m experiencing gout issues with is the foot that was injured in the car accident 13 years ago. 

I’ve had issues with my ankle over the years, apparently the hairline fracture created a spur which my tendents & nerves get constantly caught on causing my ankle to experience like lock jaw! Lol, seriously can’t walk on it, have to sit there & try do the high heel arch to get the ligaments to untangle themselves from the bone. Argh, anyhow, I’ve mastered it & can resolve in no time. 

So back to the gout, its sore, thought I had been bitten by a spider or some shit, in my sleep, as I woke with my foot pad tender & swollen. Noticed my middle toe was swollen to & upon examination, appeared to be coming from the base. I was totally freaking out!!! Thinking well, it’s been sore for like, 24 hours now, if it were a bit from a redbak, I would be sick & there would be evidence. So I massaged the area, worst thing ever to do, swear I just spread the acid around my foot which made the pain excruciating. 

Gout popped into my head, fuck knows why, just did, I think partly because hubbies mums partner experiences it, so just thought I’d look it up & do some research. Sure enough, sounds like gout! My emotions & foot were soo hurt, here I was thinking I was like on this massive health kick with the fermented drink, but turns out it gave me issues. 

I read on some forums & people reported they experience gout after trauma to the area, well, tick, I had too. Someone else had experienced gout after a diet change after drinking kombucha. After chatting to my girlfriends, my dear friend did say that drinking the ferment has probably surfaced an issue that was already there. Makes sense. Total sense.

Sooo… my question is….. should I keep drinking kombucha? What do you all think, anyone who has experience with drinking the ferment & alignments I’d love to hear from you. 

Kombucha creates the same acid as gout creates, so the link is strong. The only issue I have is the internet say you shouldn’t drink alcohol or sugar when having gout issues. Kombucha is both of those things, in a sense.

To naturally help my issue & relieve the pain & tension. I’ve made an oil blend, frankensence, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, tea tree oil. I’m also drinking ginger & lemon tea. Both seems to be helping! Which is awesome!!! I’m all over this shit, I have plans this weekend, don’t want my mates to be pushing me around in the wheelbarrow! Although, that would be an awesome laugh! 

So is there anything else I can do! And should I continue to drink kombucha? Hubby brought home another shop bought blend for me…. to drink, or not to drink, that is the question. Lol. 

P.s: Also, planning to make homemade kombucha, just wanted to try it out first to see if I liked the tatse, which I do…. so would be a total bummer if I have to just, let it go! Lol ya know! 

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