Chia seed pudding!!!

Chia seed pudding!!!
Chia seed pudding!!!

Well well well I have never tried chia seed pudding, I must say, I’m a fan gal! Lol 

I’ve always been interested but it’s just never been on my radar, maybe I just wasn’t ready for it, lol! But for reals, it’s quiet tasty…. we’ve been buying chia seeds for awhile now, I always put them in cakes or snack balls, never tried it in a drink or anything else. So I thought, now is the time to elaborate & expand my tastebud horizons, lol! 

Anyhow, I got an upcyled glass honey jar & poured about half a cup of chia seeds in the jar, a can of coconut milk, some agave nectar, cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla essence. Put it in the fridge to set overnight. Mornings breakfast made, easy as man, especially with three babes running around making orders in the kitchen at cafe home! 

I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t too sweet, I’m more of a savoury kinda gal, and it was filling, didn’t upset my tummy, no embarrassing gas smells following me around the home, lol! True as though. 

The next day I had it with banana & date’s. 

I highly recommend giving it a go when you’re feeling like trying something new. Just take the plunge if you already have all the ingredients, or consider buying them on your next shop. I just got that recipe off the Internet, was the first one to come up. I personally will try tweek it to suit my tastebuds preferences overtime, when I use it more & start to build confidence in the area. But yeah man! All over it! 

Maybe next time I’ll add some unhulled tahini or some shit! Fuck knows. All I know is it was yum, it was quick, it was easy, it didn’t make me have a smelly ass & its realitvly healthy. Haha! 

Peace xx

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