Coffee and Oils

Coffee and Oils
Coffee and Oils


Continuing on my journey into feeling inspired by hanging with tribal peeps, I’m delving into external self care ❤

Here I’ve made a facial scrub, and it feels soooo good!!! I have used three main ingredients, all natural, all chemical free (organic).


Coconut oil, used coffee grounds, Tea Tree oil, Frankenscents oil & Lavendar oil!

I initially used 4 table spoons of coconut oil, 6 table spoons of coffee grounds, 4 drops each of each essential oil. Obviously I’ve pumped up the dosage to fit this massive jar.

I used those three oils as those and others are good for skin repair & care. Do some research on what oils would work best for you & your skin.

Man, it feels soo good, plus I smell like coffee!!! Mmmm…….

I used to spend soo much money on body scrubs, moisturisers that left me & my body feeling nowhere near as good as this coffee scrub does!!! Plus that other shit full of chemicals ruins your skin overtime.

Save yourself some dollars, save yourself from harmful chemicals, use natural and do it yourself, make your own ✊?❤✌?

*note; I’m not selling or promoting EarthYard Essential oils, they are a brand that I personally use, along with others ?

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