Burn baby burn

Burn baby burn
Burn baby burn

Wood cutting, splitting, burning & storage. Such a big job, so much time, effort & energy is put into this task.

It’s nice when the babes want to help, picking up the wood & putting it in the burrow for transport.

We haven’t cut down a tree since being here. We don’t want to, we prefer to forage from the trees that have already fallen. Feels better this way, like Mother Nature is providing us with an opportunity to meet our needs without killing our oxygen source.

We feel bad that some little critters have most likely set up home in these fallen trees but there are plenty more around they can set up home in.

So this year, we’re being proactive, getting a stockpile ready. For the past few years it’s been reactive as new baby & all the other things that catch up with you. So now, we’re all currently standing on the back of the ute watching hubby get into it.

Would be nice if you were in a community & the men could use a hand saw, one each side. Would be peaceful, team work & you wouldn’t have the noise of the chainsaw & the smell of petrol.

But anyways, I love the cold! Winter is coming! Lol!

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