Saving Seeds

Saving Seeds
Saving Seeds

Eek! So excited! This is something I’ve wanted to do for soo long!!  Finally feeling inspired & now have the tools to do it! Lol!

So my last post I was talking about saving glass jars from purchased products, I mean why not, your paying for the container anyway, plus it reduces the amout of recycling because you’re upcycling 🙂

Anyhow, this is my collection, so far!!!

I have date seeds, kalamata olive seeds & mungbean seeds (these ones are a gift from our valley neighbours)

So yeah man! Grab those recycled glass jars & upcycle them into seed storage containers & grow your own food! Share the seeds with your family & friends so they too can grow their own food!

Save your seeds from your fruit & veg produce you bought your from the shops to grow your own food! Why not? It doesn’t cost anything, free food, you know where it’s been, who’s handled it & its fresh when you eat it! Nom nom!

Save your Seeds! Grow your own food!

Haha! Peace man!

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Note: my friend told me to be aware that some glass jars are made using lead so the glass can be made thinner, argh! 😉 high quality stainless steel, thick glass, wood and clay are also awesome options x

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