After the death of my brother, Ashley, 36 years young, I decided I wanted to create a space to raise awareness of the importance of health, to talk about him, his experience, as well as provide others with the opportunity to do things differently.

I wanted to turn The Green Pencil into a fundraiser to help other families afford alternative treatments to assist the suffers in ridding their bodies of cancer. Alternative treatments can be expensive. But given the right information & being pointed in the right direction, could help save a life. Or maybe even prolong it & improve the quality of life in final days.

So this space is a space for me to heal, a place for me to share, a place for me to raise awareness, to help others, to offer alternative treatments, to help others see the harm that modern day living & eating is doing to our health & wellbeing.

In the weeks leading up to my brother, Ashley’s passing, all of our dear friends donated towards his alternative treatment. The love & support was amazing. Unfotunatly, we were too late, the cancer was spreading fast, I only got to spend a week with Ash, but in this time, he was taking what he could. We do belive it improved his quality of life, even prolonged it a day or two.

I wont share, The Green Pencil’s meaning, just know it was a beautiful significant moment between the ones he held close to his heart. It was all him. A reflection of him & his being the day before he passed. I will never forget that moment, and the look on his face.

I’m thankful I got to spend time with him & say goodbye xxx

I love you my bro xx

You can head over to The Green Pencil Website & follow the Facebook Page if you want to know about Ashley’s journey & to raise more about awareness about alternative treatment, heath & wellbeing.