Easily design your own solar power systems with the SolarPower app!

Create the power systems you need while saving hundreds of hours of research, and avoiding costly and potentially dangerous mistakes. Whether you are just getting started with solar energy, or an experienced user, SolarPower will organise and streamline your process.

The core of the app draws on scientific modelling and the nearest international weather station data, seamlessly pairing it with your particular requirements, application, and your site and install characteristics. This results in systems that maximise your solar usage and minimise your power costs and reliance on non-renewable energy.

SolarPower can handle whatever your project is, big or small. From a trickle charger for your car or boat to powering your motorhome, from a cabin in the woods to a house in the suburbs, from a light in the back shed to the needs of a small community.

With this app you can design multiple types of solar power systems, including:
– Off-grid
– On-grid
– Output mains electricity (AC)
– Output low voltage (DC)
– Utilise different backup sources
– Systems with inverter-chargers and integrated power systems

SolarPower collates all of your requirements into an easy to understand system specification, that includes alerts about your project designs, and cable and fuse sizes for your connections.

With SolarPower you will find building your own solar power systems easy and rewarding. With skyrocketing energy costs, now is the time to go solar, and with SolarPower app…

Your Power is in Your Hands!

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