myTriib is a green, sustainable, freedom of speech, data protected, private & pro-social matchmaking network connecting humans together from all over the world to form tribes. myTriib matches you with others who hold at least 75% in common with all of your beliefs, values & lifestyle choices.

We do this by asking a series of questions, you will then be matched with potential tribe members. To build your tribe, compare your profile with theirs by matching both sets of answers together to see where thay may be similiar or differ. If you like what you see, send them a tribe member request so you can start connecting. Peoples’ beliefs & values can change over time, so its important to update your answers to make sure your always connecting with likeminded people.

Whats also pretty awesome about myTriib;

External Privacy; MyTriib is hosted on servers located in Iceland. The creators of Orange Website are very ‘green’, 100% renewable energy, freedom of speech, anarchists, anti mass surveillance! So by not hosting our servers in the U.S & AUS, for example, we don’t adhere to their ‘rules’! We have chosen a server provider that matches our beliefs & vales & that of mytriib :-) We’re governed by the rules of Iceland, for data! Every connection to our servers is SSL with running latest encrypted software, so no spy’s & they can’t gain access to the data.

Internal Privacy; MyTriib is designed to be private inside & out! Members can only interact with one another if they are in eachothers tribe & hold at least 75% beliefs, values & preferred lifestyles in common. You can only see content from members in your tribe, which then makes the site, Prosocial! You can also select to have a user name rather than your real name.

Sustainability; MyTriib is hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy! MyTriib home base also runs on 100% solar power & sustainable living. The humans who work on MyTriib, do so mostly from home reducing the carbon footprint further.

No Trolls or Fake Accounts; We believe another benefit to making myTriib a paid service is that it will reduce the amount of trolls & fake accounts, therefore making your user experience private & pro-social. (If you do come across these types, report them, so we can remove them!)

There is no ‘big brother’! There are no ‘authority figures’! There is NO advertising or spam!

myTriib is free to join!

To connect with members, interact & have full access to the site, it is a once off payment of $10. Your once off contribution pays to keep your online experience private, internally & externally and it also pays for an ad free site.

Where does the $10 go?

The main percentage of your once off contribution goes towards finding your tribe & by keeping your user experience private, internally & externally as well as maintaining its green, data protected, freedom of speech sustainability.

Our vision also extends outwardly to the mytriib community, if the user base grows substancially & the site becomes financial as a result, we want the site to be able contribute towards finding ways to give back to the community in areas that are beneficial & sustainable, whether thats contributing towards establishing a community or contribute in other ways that promote healthy positive change, etc!

A percentage also goes towards the administration & running costs; bank fees, paypal fees, tax, hosting fees, updates, upgrades, maintenance etc, all the background stuff that keeps us busy & the site alive.

Last but not least, a percentage will go towards our family of 5, for all our time, effort, hard work, experience, knowledge, love, dedication, committment & financial hardship towards building the site, mobile app, keeping it alive & sustainable, and to further assist our family on our continued personal journey towards sustainability, connection & community.

So you see, your once off financial contribution to the site of $10, connects you with your tribe, keeps the site private, pro-social, sustainable, as well as goes towards supporting a great community & great people :-)

If this sounds exciting & a community you would love to be apart of, please join us by helping reinstate tribes.

Join mytriib online & read How it Works. Also, download the myTriib app (ii) Andriod App coming soon!

(If you want to learn more about mytriib, navigate around the site & there’s also a facebook page.

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