The idea was born to create a space where we could share with the world our thoughts, experience, journey in away that respects us & our way of communicating. We decided to create Empowered Revolution as a blog site for our person use, initially, but to also offer to any other humans as a safe space, who would like to communicate to the world their journey, their story, their thoughts, feeling & truths for further awareness/ exposure.

Empowered Revolution is about Empowering Love, speaking from the heart & mind, being vunerable in your communication, letting there be a place in this world where every emotion & communication is free expression. I personally feel that in the modern world us humans have created for ourselves, communicating from the mind is more acceptable than communicating from the heart. For life to be sustainable, there needs to be a balance of both, one size doesnt fit all & acceptance of both will help all humans feel they have a place to self express & communicate in this world.

Do you have something to say that needs to be heard?! Do you have something to say you want people to hear?! Then say it! Submit your article to the email provided & join us, be a revolutionary.

Empowered Revolution is the peoples blog, giving back voice to all humans. Dont be scared to communicate!

Start speaking up & out! Raise awareness! Speak truths! Speak theories! Speak experience! Speak thoughts! Speak positive change! Tell your journey! People in this world often feel alone. Speaking up will connect you to others, it will also communicate to the unknown.

Everyone wants change in some way or another, speaking up & coming together will create change.

Everyway, every person should be accepted in the way the choose to live their lives, communication normalises. Every human, every journey, every experience, every communication, every emotion, every lifestyle will be accepted! Sustainable happiness – physically, mentally, emotionally & psychologically.

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Note: Empowered Revolution is a free blog site for writers & readers.

All articles are uploaded & shared across the ER app, & other social networking sites such as facebook & myTriib. ER authors also have the option to link their personal blog or website to their bios. We have also included that readers, if they choose, can directly donate to the author of an article by using paypal direct donations.

Write an article, submit your blog, or both 😉