Social media is a great tool for connecting with others & sharing knowledge & wisdom. I’ve met some pretty rad peeps on social media. I’ve read a many great article too. All these things have enabled me to grow as a person. So, it’s not all bad. There are quiet a lot of positives in it.

The part that upsets me about it is, it’s a little or a lot antisocial on the way people who have no connection to one another interact with each other.

For example; I noticed people jump on social media to pick fights with people they don’t know, never met face to face, & or a place to take their tension to & out on.

For instance, it frustrates me the most when I’m having a conversation with someone & they only answer half of my questions, or just ignore what I’ve said all together.

I mean, if we were standing next to each other, would we be a dick to that person? Would we say the things we say to people while being a keyboard warrior if we were standing in front of them?

Would we just flat out ignore what that person had just communicated if we were standing in front of them?

Well, no we wouldn’t!

So why then do people think it’s appropriate to behave this way on social media? It’s kinda destroying how we interact with one another, like the ‘social standards’ of our society or better yet, our human connection to one another is lowering.

Pick up the social vibration level.

If you wouldn’t behave that way & say those things to peoples faces then don’t be a coward & do it on social media.

We’re all humans after all & connection to one another is our major survival tool. Plus it’s a major part of our make up.

Don’t be a dick, don’t ignore people.

Interact with others as if you would treat people face to face, as you would want people to treat you.

Peace ✌🏼

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